What Educators are Saying about the East of Liberty series


“Chris Ivey’s films serve as an invaluable resource to introduce students of architecture and urban design to the social, economic and political factors that shape our built environment. Pittsburgh’s East Liberty serves as a case study for issues of race, class, blight, urban renewal, gentrification, politics, and power in the American city.”
Kelly J. Hutzell, AIA
Associate Teaching Professor
School of Architecture
Carnegie Mellon University
“These films offer a fresh and challenging perspective on the dynamics of class and race… the other side of ‘urban renewal’. We have our grad students watch this every year to inform their understanding of how inequities are, sometimes unknowingly, perpetuated by not incorporating the voices of all stakeholders. These films give us all – community members, educators, developers and policy makers, the opportunity to think more completely about creating and sustaining healthy communities.”

Thistle Elias, DrPH, MPA
Director, Bridging The Gaps Pittsburgh
Research Associate at the University of Pittsburgh, Graduate School of Public Health

 “East of Liberty” confronts one of the most significant forces shaping America’s cities from the perspective of the youth who experience it. Teaching this series in a Philadelphia classroom, I saw my students relate to the struggles of other young people, share their own thoughts and experiences, listen to each other, and discuss solutions.

Ellen Pierson, Teacher, Olney Charter High School

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