The East of Liberty Series is available for sale for educational screenings and purposes.


A Story of Good Intentions

The first film in a series documenting the redevelopment and gentrification of blighted community in Pittsburgh. Filmed over several years, the series of films takes a raw look at changes happening in one community reflecting a national trend. The first film, “A Story of Good Intentions” follows displaced residents from low income high rises that have been demolished for new redevelopment. Featuring interviews with residents and social examiner and author Mindy Fullilove, MD (“Root Shock”), “East of Liberty” takes a unique approach to tackling the global issue of gentrification. Length: 1 hour 24 mins


The Fear of Us

The second film, “The Fear of Us” follows small business owners fighting to survive as new businesses emerge designed to cater to a different clientele unlike the ones before. A true examination of survival of the fittest. Featuring interviews with business owners and social examiner Mindy Fullilove, MD (“Root Shock”) and others, “The Fear of Us” digs deep into the issues of class and race as we continue to tackle gentrification issues in redevelopment. Length: 1 hour 41 minutes


In Unlivable Times

The third film, “In Unlivable Times” is uniquely different from the previous chapters in the “East of Liberty” series as we inject the voices of Pittsburgh youth to create an educational experience unlike others. Filled with heartfelt stories of determination and the will to succeed, “In Unlivable Times” is a definitive portrait of inner city of youth surviving through all odds. Length: 53 minutes

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